Innocent Match
30 Second Radio Script
Struggling to find your match, can’t seem to find the one? Do not worry, we here at Innocent smoothie came up with a solution that might just help you.

With our new spin the bottle interactive game you are just a click away from a heavenly match.
Will it be the refreshingly fresh vanilla and raspberry ripple? Or our ultimate classic magnificent mango? Or our unexpected totally tropical which has a zing of citrus and the sweetness of tropical fruits. We're happy to say that all of our fruits comes from Certified rainforest alliance farms, where all the products are grown sustainable.

We have also developed our most emission neutral bottle so far using recycled and plant plastic.

A clean and sustainable world begins with our pure smoothie.

If you want to find your match or learn more about our products do not hesitate to check out our website at

This is how the game going to look on the website where people can interact with the bottle by spinning it.

The bottle design is the same as their other content on the website; therefore, it is hand drawn and you can see how it will change into colourful bottle as it stops on specific flavour. (Different flavour, different colour)

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